6 Best Videography Courses & Classes Online in 2021 [UPDATED] (2022)

1- Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become an Incredible Video Creator

2- The Complete Video Production Bootcamp

3- Video Cinematography Techniques Loved By Pro Filmmakers

4- Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking

5- The Art of Filmmaking and Editing

6- Creating a Video From Start to Finish

6 Best Videography Courses & Classes Online in 2021 [UPDATED] (1)

Course #1: Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become an Incredible Video Creator

This is one of the best online film-making videography courses on Udemy. Because it covers all the creative aspects of planning, shooting, and editing an incredible video. This is a great course for amateurs as well as beginners.

Because it covers everything you will ever need to shoot an amazing and flawless video. You will learn a wide a range of tasks, such as mastering your lenses, key principles of lighting, sound recording fundamentals, filming fundamentals, mastering the framing, shot choice, and camera movement to capturing, organizing, and creating a rough edit, knowing when to cut, matching color, shape, movement, montage essentials, color correction and color grading.

Offered by: Udemy

Instructed by: Julian Melanson (film director and teacher)

Price: $12.34

Skills and Knowledge Imparted:

  1. Creative and personal skill development.
  2. Understanding pre-production.
  3. Secrets of production.
  4. Mastering post-production.

Difficulty Level: beginner

Duration and Total Lectures: 116 lectures, 5 hours

Average User Rating: 4.5 (1,872 ratings)


This is the ‘everything’ course in videography. The instructor is very good at simplifying difficult concepts. It does not get better than this. A recommended course…even if you are a professional and need to refresh your knowledge.

Course #2: The Complete Video Production Bootcamp

‘Complete’ is the right word. This online video production course will teach you how to make amazing videos. It does not matter if you are using a smartphone, webcam, DSLR, a mirror-less and/or professional camera. Whether it is a YouTuber, blogger, vlogger, business owner, aspiring filmmaker or someone who wants to create videos, anyone can learn the skill of making professional videos through this course. So, get to master video production skills and create inspiring videos that boost your revenue and drive traffic to your business.

A comprehensive videography class like this will go a long way for you. Especially one that covers every single thing about the art that is videography. Besides, course bonuses include: direct feedback from instructors on any of your video projects; downloadable guides that will help you in every section of the course and case studies that break down real world film projects.

Offered by: Udemy

Instructed by: Phil Ebiner (top-rated instructor); William Carnahan (photographer/ cinematographer); Sam Shimizu-Jones (cinematographer/photographer) and Video School Online Inc

Price: $12.34

Skills and Knowledge Imparted:

  1. How to come up with great video topics that people will love to watch and share.
  2. Mastering video shoot in manual mode on a DSLR, mirrorless and/or professional cinema camera.
  3. Exposing and composing better shots to tell your story.
  4. Shooting amazing videos with smartphones, webcams, or even screencasts.
  5. Aerial videography with DJI drones.
  6. Lighting your videos with professional techniques on a small budget.
  7. Recording crisp and clean audio with different microphones in any environment.
  8. Editing videos to make them more engaging.
  9. Knowing what equipment to buy to create great videos.
  10. Exporting the best quality videos for online viewing.
  11. How to get more views, likes, and shares on social media.
  12. Growing a YouTube channel that brings in revenue.

Difficulty Level: intermediate

Duration and Total Lectures: 75 lectures, 9 hours

Average User Rating: 4.4 (4,314 ratings)


Clear demonstration of concepts and techniques exists in this course. So, you will find this course to be well-designed. Many professional instructors have delivered it. Since this course uses a wide range of teaching styles, thus, most learner styles are catered to. To conclude, it is a fun and interesting course.

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Course #3: Video Cinematography Techniques Loved By Pro Filmmakers

A professional has taught this course. He has won awards for his work. Thus, the aim of this course is to teach filmmaking skills at a realistic level. The targeted audience are amateurs as well as skilled cinematographers. From this online videography course, you will learn how to entertain as well as inform your viewers. Furthermore, you will find out about the important elements that go to make up that story, the effects of visual elements, audio tracks and the like. Learn what to focus on when shooting, so that the editing process goes well. So, you can become a great video storyteller by using the techniques taught here.

Offered by: Udemy

Instructed by: Andrew St.Pierre White (award-winning TV broadcaster and director)

Price: $12.34

Skills and Knowledge Imparted:

  1. Identifying what kind of programs you want to make.
  2. The five most important elements of video storytelling.
  3. The important of audio.
  4. Creating still photography to videography (information versus emotion).
  5. Effect that audio has on an image.
  6. Shooting techniques, such as perspective, zooms, lenses, light, composition, perspective, shooting interviews and much more.
  7. Equipment ideas.

Difficulty Level: intermediate

Duration and Total Lectures: 43 lectures, 3.5 hours

Average User Rating: 4.4 (1,091 ratings)


As one learner of this course noted, “you cannot go wrong with this course.” Even if any part of the content is lacking in some aspect, the instructor compensates for it through his great teaching skills. Also, he is always willing to answer all your queries and even repeat them, as many times as one requires.

Course #4: Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking

Become a part of the CreativeLive team with Victor Ha in this course that covers core principles of capturing and editing videos with your DSLR. The aim of this course is to take you through the core techniques of DSLR filmmaking. That goal is achieved through hands-on demos. Those demos also teach you how to create compelling video interviews. You will gain an understanding about how to apply compositional to capture videos.

Furthermore, you will learn about how to navigate the video-capturing features of your DSLR. And choosing the correct gear for your filmmaking needs and incorporating audio into your shoots, among other things. You will learn to frame shots, produce simple projects and build spatial relationships. To conclude, the skills you gain in this online training will leave you ready and inspired to create high-quality, engaging film projects.

Offered by: Creativelive

Instructed by: Victor Ha (professional photographer)

Price: $134

Skills and Knowledge Imparted:

  1. Edit shots
  2. Camera basics
  3. Movements with monopods, tripods, etc.
  4. Breaking into video with hybrid portraits.
  5. Basics of sound
  6. Microphones and their differences
  7. Double System Sound
  8. Hi-Hats and Low-Hats
  9. Time-lapse
  10. Lighting

Difficulty Level: beginner

Duration and Total Lectures: 14 hours

Average User Rating: 92%


The examples presented in this course are very helpful in bringing the concepts home. Victor Ha has a knack for explaining practical video shooting tricks in a short span of time. Otherwise, it is quite a time-consuming project. To conclude, it is a great course.

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Course #5: The Art of Filmmaking and Editing

This online videography course lives up to its tagline: “Become A Visual Storyteller.” Since the aim of this course is to explain the importance of storytelling in videography. Whether it is short class projects or professional documentaries, storytelling is very important.

Furthermore, this course teaches skills for making different types of videos including web commercials. Discover what you’ll need for your camera bag, lighting and how to shoot a conversation – all during a live shoot! Also, you will learn how to create a story throughout the editing process. This film workshop is full of information on how to grow your business and increase your profits.

Offered by: Creativelive

Instructed by: Jeff Medford and Ross Hockrow (award-winning filmmakers)

Price: $134

Skills and Knowledge Imparted:

  1. Shot sequencing
  2. Storytelling theory
  3. The structure of a story.
  4. Storytelling techniques
  5. Understanding conflicts in storytelling.
  6. Camera angles
  7. Camera gear
  8. Lighting tools
  9. Micro budget filmmaking
  10. Audio gear
  11. Camera movement
  12. Shoot preparation
  13. Introduction to script formatting
  14. Adobe Premiere 101
  15. Building and finalizing a film.

Difficulty Level: intermediate

Duration and Total Lectures: 15 hours

Average User Rating: 86%


To take this course, you need to know a little bit about shooting a video. Some concepts in this videography course are somewhat complex. So, you might want to research more about them on your own. The content of this course suits beginners. But it is also suitable for intermediate learners.

Course #6: Creating a Video From Start to Finish

This course will enable you to make a movie from start to finish because It will introduce many things to you, such as how to build on your photography skills to create motion pictures. And tackling pre-production and post-production essentials. Also capture video and audio. And learn how to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition. Giving its students an in-depth picture of the process that is videography, this class delves deep into video production right from the planning and pre-production phases themselves.

Even basics like choosing an idea, scoping out locations, researching the client and jumping into video gear has been analyzed from different viewpoints in this extensive course. In addition, discover how to capture excellent audio and tackle those B-Roll shots.

Offered by: Creativelive

Instructed by: Victor Ha (professional photographer)

Price of the course: $89

Skills and Knowledge Imparted:

  1. Learning how to flesh out ideas and turn them into successful projects.
  2. Analyzing client profiles.
  3. Choosing your subject.
  4. Scouting locations.
  5. Researching the client.
  6. Choosing equipment.
  7. Waveforms and scopes
  8. Shooting strategy
  9. Interview: setting up for success
  10. Prepping for the interview.
  11. Capturing audio.
  12. Capturing room tone.
  13. B-roll: 3 to 1 ratio
  14. Planning for B-roll
  15. 5 rules of capturing B-roll.
  16. Using B-roll to shape an edit.
  17. Introduction to footage review
  18. Asset management
  19. Editing setup
  20. Editing audio in Adobe Audition.
  21. Syncing your footage.
  22. Conceptual storyboarding
  23. Editing choices
  24. Selecting a soundtrack.
  25. Building the rough cut.
  26. Refining the story.
  27. Adding B-roll.
  28. Rough cut to final cut
  29. Color grading in da Vinci resolve.
  30. Three-way color corrector in da Vinci resolve.
  31. Exporting from da Vinci resolve to adobe premiere pro.
  32. Adding title in Adobe Premiere Pro.
  33. Exporting project from Adobe Premiere Pro.
  34. Adding a key frame.
  35. Creating various projects from your edit.

Difficulty Level: beginner

Duration and Total Lectures: 10 hours

Average User Rating: 94%


This is one of the best online videography courses out there today, because it includes videography elements that most deem unnecessary. Their importance is highlighted through the in-depth lectures in this course. Furthermore, the content is organized because it ranges from simple to complex, abstract to practical. And in a flow that is easy to keep up with.


How Can I Learn Videography?

You don’t have to go to a videography School or need to have a fancy College Degree to Become a Videographer. All you have to do is to 1. Get all the necessary gear and softwares. 2. Enroll in a great Online Course (you can see the list above). 3. Practice, Practice, Practice!

What is the Salary of a Videographer?

The Salary Range of a Videographer depends on the country and City you Live in. In Underdeveloped and Developing Countries Like India and Pakistan the salary ranges from $5000 to $10000 per annum. However, In Developed Countries Like US, UK, Canada & Australia, the salary can be anywhere between $25000 and $75000 per annum.

What is the Difference Between Videography and Cinematography?

It’s really confusing for people to differentiate between videography and Cinematography while Choosing a Career. In Simple Words, Videography is the art of making great videos and Cinematography is the art of making Videos that convey some message in form of a Story. So, all the Cinematographers are Videographers; but, all the Videographers aren’t necessarily Cinematographers.

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