BA Multimedia: Course, Colleges, Syllabus, Scope, Jobs, Salary 2022 (2023)

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BA Multimedia or Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia is an undergraduate degree of 3 years duration, specializing in the field of multimedia and further branching out in sub disciplines such as animation, scripts writing, producing and gaming visual expertise.

Students who wish to expand their knowledge in varied media communication technology and want to have multiple choices in creative fields such as production and animation, as well as gaming visual experts and consultants can pursue this course for further enhancement of their creative talent.

BA in Multimedia eligibility requires an intermediate degree as well as qualifying entrance examinations conducted by various universities and colleges to ensure a successful admission in this course program. The average fee of this course ranges around INR 40,000-1 lakhs and the degree can be attained after three years of course completion.

*Brainware University offers a B.Sc degree in Multimedia and Animation instead of B.A

Students can venture into multiple choices of careers with the degree of Multimedia due to its popularity and diversity in sub disciplines such as Video, line or audio producer, Computer software designer, as well as Web designer, Graphic designer, Video game designer, Animator or motion graphics designer. They can also work in creative writing and can explore opportunities in script and theatre writing on a professional level.

The average salary for individuals working in such fields ranges around INR 2-7 lakhs which increases with experience and time.

BA in Multimedia Industry offers highly exciting work opportunities in sectors such as advertising, IT and communication as well as animation and graphic designing where students can express their creative talents and polish their skills. Sectors such as educational, web based and film studios offer employment opportunities to people skilled in multimedia management to handle administration duties of such creative professions with an analytical bent of mind and fluency in creative pursuits.

Table of Contents

  1. BA Multimedia: Course Highlights
  2. What is a BA Multimedia?
  3. Why Study?
  4. Admission Process
    4.1Eligibility Criteria
  5. Syllabus
  6. Top Collegesin India
    6.1College Comparison
  7. Courses Comparison
  8. Jobs and Career Options
  9. Future Scope
  10. FAQs
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BA Multimedia: Course Highlights

Course levelUndergraduate
Full formBachelor of Arts in Multimedia
Duration3 years
Examination typeOffline and semester based
EligibilityIntermediate degree ( 10+2) + CET/interview
Admission process(10+2)/CET/, Interview/Merit based
Course feeINR 40000-1 lakhs
Average salaryINR 2-10 lakhs
Top recruiting agenciesTelevision studios, Digital educational content companies, web designing, computer games designing, Film studios, Advertising companies, IT companies, graphics, animation and new media agencies.
Job positionsLine or audio producer, Computer software designer, Web designer, Graphic designer, Video game designer, Animator or motion graphics designer

What is a BA Multimedia?

  • BA in Multimedia is a course that revolves around the multidisciplinary studies in professions such as animation, video and graphic designers as well as audio and video sound experts and web design consultants.
  • Multimedia constitutes elements of these sectors and its approach is widespread and popularly respected in every field an individual wants to venture in.
  • The program primarily focuses on teaching the basic fundamental courses on design and art forms execution in a creative manner, furthermore the course also consists of graphic design, web design as well as 3D modeling and audio-video texturing concepts to enhance imaginative pursuits of an individual and channeling his or her inherent talents into creative workspace.
  • Multimedia careers are as varied as its related subjects and also offer many extensive career fields spanning many important industries such as gaming and animation, theatre and arts as well as corporate and commercial industries.
  • Students who wish to enroll in this program can become successful graphic and video designers, web developers and designers as well as audio and video experts.
  • Students can also venture in the animation and lighting industries of film making and can earn money and recognition for their respective work.

Why BA Multimedia?

  • BA in Multimedia is an undergraduate course program which enables a student to explore his or her creative and innovative pursuits and to absorb such tendencies in industrial sectors to produce work that is uniquely different.

  • Hence, multimedia graduates can work in many fields as this course program consists of multiple benefits which include active curriculum based on recent multimedia options and trends.
  • This course is designed keeping in mind the current changes that implore the creative division of people to create something new and unique.
  • BA in Multimedia helps students to be well versed in information systems surrounding the active sectors of art and design, graphic and animation, visual and audio marketing as well as script writing and editing to ensure that all essential multi-media outlets are covered and taught in structural manner including assignment work and internships to provide holistic learning.
  • Apart from the mainstream learning, the students are also made aware of the current media technology and understanding of concepts related to communication to assimilate such components into multimedia disciplines to enhance or inculcate complete learning experience.

Hence graduates of this course program are fluent in their respective fields and have a good grasp of professional jargons and methodology.

Students can seek employment in leading industrial sectors of India and abroad such as film making and technology as well as graphic and video designer and editing. The field also includes animation and lighting, web designing, digital designing and communication. Due to the vastness of this field and the opportunities it offers, the pay packages for jobs in this category are highly priced and are filled with ample exposure and experience.

  • Students who seek admission in this course are required to have qualified their 10+2 or intermediate degree with a minimum score of 50-60 percent to gain admission in this program.
  • Students who have opted for courses such as History, English, Sociology and Political Science, is an added benefit to the program and can gain more desirability in the admission process.
  • Certain universities and colleges also conduct entrance tests for students to qualify in order to get admission, while some colleges offer merit based admission/ personal interview to provide admission to aspirants.
  • A minimum of 5% of relaxation is often provided by many leading universities and colleges in India to students of backward sections or students belonging to SC/ST to provide assistance to such communities and aid them in their learning process.

BA Multimedia: Eligibility

  • Students are required to have an intermediate degree with subjects such as English Sociology, History or Political Science.
  • Students are required to have a minimum score of 50-60% in their previous examination.
  • Students are also required to have qualified common entrance tests that their college might conduct before allotting admission seats. Hence, students are required to check the admission guidelines before applying into college of their choice and preference.

BA Multimedia: Syllabus

Semester 1Semester 2
Common course EnglishCommon course English
Common course additional languageCommon course additional language
Introduction to digital mediaCreativity and design skills
Audio visual communicationAudio visual communication
Semester 3Semester 4
Media publishingIntroduction to cinematography
Computer graphicsFundamentals of web designing
Digital photographyJournalism
JournalismAudio visual communication
Audio visual communication-
(Video) Career in multimedia || Salary || Jobs || Telugu Tech Tuts
Semester 5Semester 6
Techniques of post-production- Visual editingMultimedia Designing & Authoring
Techniques of Post Production –Sound Recording, Editing and MasteringIntroduction to Motion Graphics
Introduction to 3D Modeling and TexturingTelevision & Multi Camera Production
Advanced Web DesigningAdvanced 3D Animation, Vfx and Compositing
Audio & Video Editing ProjectMultimedia and website project

BA Multimedia: Recommended Books

Name of the bookName of the author
Multimedia and communication technologyS.Heath
Webmasters handbookGalgotia
Multimedia journalism : a guidebookBull Andey
The animator's workbookAntony White
The new media handbook- the cyberspace handbookJason Whittaker

Diploma in Multimedia and Animation vs BA Multimedia

ParametersDiploma in MultimediaBA in Multimedia
DomainHumanities/computer applicationHumanities/computer applications/
OverviewDiploma in Multimedia is a one year course program that imparts selected knowledge on aspects of multimedia platforms such as radio, audio- visual communication and entertainment industry, advertising, marketing, gaming and animation. Although it covers different components of Multimedia, the approach is not very deep and merely offers constricted knowledge on the sectors mentioned above.BA in Multimedia is an undergraduate course spanning for three years, which offers critical insights on all facets of multimedia infrastructure such as animation, graphic design illustration and web based designing, journalism and creative writing, cinematography and photography, sound management and visual motion effects to offer expertise in all fields and exposure via internships and individual assignments.
Average SalaryINR 2-3 lakhINR 2-9 lakh

BA Multimedia: Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

BA in Multimedia offers a wide variety of job positions in industries of commercial journalism and mass communication as well as advertising and marketing, website management and administration. Such graduates are talented and fluent in different departments and can manage work duties of distinctive types and experience.

  • Candidates can work in online website development and management as website designers and content developers. Such individuals are responsible for curating a site’s content and designing user friendly website interfaces for commercial industries to build a client base with accurate marketing strategies.
  • Candidates can also work in animation or design industries and provide assistance to animation firms and studios to create fun instrumental characters and designs to earn name and fame.
  • Aspirants can also work in the graphic designing industry and assist various related industries and disciplines in designing and developing graphics that are innovative and creative to aid their business and attract a larger customer base.
  • Individuals with this degree can also seek jobs in journalism and mass communication as journalists and columnists for news stations and newspapers.
  • Candidates can also contribute their efforts in digital media by micro managing social media accounts of various outlets and industries and become influential in marketing through online media and become a social media strategist.
  • Candidates can also pursue photography, cinematography and production line to work in the glamour and entertainment industry by being leading photographers and visual experts as well as producers and scripts writers.
Name of the JobDescription of the JobAverage Salary
Graphic designerA graphic designer's job is to develop innovative and unique graphic content that can be used by different web based platforms as well as software and technical design to meet the demands of employers and clients and work in accordance with the guidelines provided by them. A graphic designer works in different fields such as websites, banners and posters design, movie making and video editing.INR 3-5 lakhs
Multimedia scriptwriterMultimedia script writers are individuals working in developing conceptual writing in the form of stories and excerpts as well as full length creative writing for industries such as movies and televisions, theatre and filmsINR 3-6 lakhs
Web designersWeb designers are individuals engaged in making user friendly website space for all large and small scale businesses according to the needs and demands of their clients. Web designers are responsible for designing and curating design strategies and methods to attract more attention and aid in business enhancement and prestige.INR 3-7 lakhs
Interactive designersInteractive designers are individuals who are involved in fields such as audio-visual and graphic sound and animation to administer core issues related to these fields and handle equipment and tools. They often provide assistance to the production team and work behind the scenes to give compact results.INR 4-5 lakhs
ProducersProducers are involved in the filmmaking industry and address the core issues related to the development of a movie and its elements such as casting and production expertise. Such individuals offer investment to these projects and facilitate equipment and editing details along with budget allocation to provide assistance to movie making and entertainment business.INR 2-12 lakhs
Video game expertVideo gaming experts are individuals who are involved in the gaming industry by developing graphics, storylines and keeping the updated application on board to ensure hiccup free installation of these games. These experts are allocated functions such as designing animation and storyline to attract more people and gather client base loyalty to develop brand image and increase finances.INR 2-8 lakhs

BA Multimedia: Future Scope

As the current age of digitalization is progressing, new avenues of Multimedia have been opening up and amalgamation of Multimedia with other industries has been providing the candidates with great exposure and interest.

  • Candidates can work in the entertainment industry catering to filmmaking, theatre and television as producers and directors or as cinematography and photography experts to provide assistance in making films and movies for the masses.
  • Candidates can also work as art enthusiasts in art galleries and exhibit art works and media via Multimedia channels or using audio-visual equipment to portray art and aesthetics.
  • Candidates can also work as digital artists in leading organizations and manage the work atmosphere by working as administrator and executives to handle key issues of Multimedia businesses.
  • Candidates can also acquire jobs in graphic designing with firms of all kinds especially designing and architecture as well as books and magazines, web based designing to develop online content which is engaging and enriching.
  • Candidates can also seek employment with commercial organizations and work in the advertising wing to execute and direct advertisements of various products deals to maximize consumer base and clientele.
  • Aspirants who wish to build their career in website development can always pursue website designing and its fundamentals to design eye catching websites with user friendly interface to build brand image and assist Business to prosper on a global scale.
  • Candidates can also work as visual effects coordinators or experts with major production houses to develop VFX or visual effects for movies and films and earn high salary package deals.
  • Candidates can also work in the animation industry and contribute their exceptional drawing and painting skills in developing new characters and images demanded by their respective employers and firms.
  • Individuals eager to work in the gaming industry can venture into it as gaming experts by designing and conceptualizing unique storylines and characters for the game and handling core issues related to gaming and regularly updating the gaming application and data.
  • Radio stations often require multimedia experts to handle audio equipment and network data, hence students can also become experts in audio track and sound management to earn great living conditions.
  • Multimedia experts are always welcome in the content industry to work on developing content for web based media outlets and offline newspaper agencies and establishments and offer high wages and benefits for the same.

BA Multimedia: FAQs

Ques. What is multimedia?

Ans. Multimedia is a field that consists of diverse sections and learning based on audio visual and graphic design illustration and web based designing. It also includes creative writing and editing with introduction to cinematography editing and writing skills.

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Ques. What is the eligibility of BA Multimedia course?

Ans. BA in Multimedia requires an intermediate degree (10+2) with a minimum of 50-60 percent score to gain admission. Admission process varies from college to college, while some offer merit based admission, others also conduct common entrance tests for the same. Students are advised to check the guidelines before selecting their college.

Ques. What jobs can we get as Multimedia degree holders?

Ans. Students can work in different fields with this degree, such as, graphic design, web based designing, journalism and mass media, radio and audio visual expert, teachers and illustrators as well as animation experts and and also venture in film making through cinematography and photography skill set.

Ques. What is the scope of Multimedia abroad?

Ans. Students can pursue higher studies such as Masters and Doctorate in Multimedia and after gaining experience and exposure in the field, they can pursue global careers in photography, filmmaking, animation and graphic designing to develop innovative ways and earn better living benefits and monetary gains.

Ques. Is BA in multimedia a good course?

Ans. Yes, due to its multidisciplinary approach, BA in Multimedia is an exceptional course. However, pursuing higher education such as Masters and Doctorate increases one's chances to get better job opportunities. Therefore, it is advised to pursue higher learning to gain more experience and knowledge.

(Video) BA in Animation Course in Hindi | Eligibility, Colleges, Admission Fee, Career Option, Jobs & Salary

Ques. What are the entrance tests that are conducted for admission in BA in Multimedia course?

Ans. While some colleges offer merit based admission, certain colleges also conduct individual entrance examinations to offer admission in this course. Therefore, students are advised to check the admission guidelines before seeking admission. The pattern of the exam consists of general questions based on aptitude and reasoning as well as General knowledge and basic multimedia information.

Ques. What is the scope of Multimedia in India?

Ans. Multimedia being a diverse field, students can enter in the fields of filmmaking animation to pursue their inspiration and calling in sectors of media and entertainment industry as digitalization is progressing, the need for audio-visual experts is expanding and hence, more job opportunities are being offered to make India a spot for Multimedia expansion and knowledge.

Ques. Which is the best place to study Multimedia course?

Ans. The colleges mentioned above in the article offer the best multimedia curriculum. Students are advised to make their selection after thorough analysis and interpretation.

Ques. What is the admission procedure for admission in BA in multimedia?

Ans. Students after completing their intermediate can apply in this course, and qualify entrance tests of basic knowledge to gain admission. Certain colleges offer merit based admission. Students can enroll in this program straight after their 10+2.


What is the scope of multimedia in future? ›

Career Prospects:

Degree in multimedia will offer you ocean of job opportunities in web designing, computer games designing, advertising graphics, animation and new media.

What is multimedia scope? ›

Multimedia is used in various areas of work such as entertainment, advertising, publishing, digital media, gaming, motion graphics and more. This field, thus, encompasses varied disciplines in which a student can gain specialization and choose as a career option.

What is BA multimedia communication? ›

Bachelor of Multimedia Communication (BMMC) is a three-year undergraduate program which is designed to build artistic and imaginative concept among students. The main subjects of the BMC program are graphic design, visual design, 3D concepts, animation, lighting, and texturing.

How can I get job in multimedia? ›

If you're interested in a position in multimedia, consider following these steps to get started in the career:
  1. Earn a degree. ...
  2. Complete internships or shadowing. ...
  3. Identify your interests. ...
  4. Do freelance or volunteer work. ...
  5. Build your portfolio. ...
  6. Attend networking events. ...
  7. Apply for positions.
Jan 29, 2021

What can I do after BA multimedia? ›

Career Prospects and Job Scope for a BA Multimedia Graduate
  1. Art Director.
  2. Animator.
  3. Video Game Designer.
  4. Video Editor.
  5. Sound Engineer.
  6. Journalist.
  7. Graphic Designer.
Jun 4, 2022

Is BA multimedia a good course? ›

BA in Multimedia Industry offers highly exciting work opportunities in sectors such as advertising, IT and communication as well as animation and graphic designing where students can express their creative talents and polish their skills.

Is multimedia a good degree? ›

Is a Multimedia Degree Worth It? Yes, a multimedia degree is worth it for many students. Skilled media artists might find rich veins of work in video production as well as website design for businesses and organizations across all sectors.

What should I study in BA multimedia? ›

The duration of the course is 3 years. Desktop publishing, digital photography, web designing, 2D and 3D animation, Script Writing, story board designing, sound and digital editing, Basics of Direction etc are the major topics that are taught. The course includes project work and practical work experience.

What are the 5 types of multimedia? ›

The Five Multimedia ElementsEdit. Text, image, audio, video, and animation are the five multimedia elements. The first multimedia element is text. Text is the most common multimedia element.

What qualification need multimedia? ›

Diploma in Multimedia: Eligibility

Students who have passed 10+2 examination in any stream (Science/Commerce/Arts) from a recognized board are eligible to seek admission to most of the institutes. Minimum marks criteria of 50% in aggregate might be applicable in case of some institutes.

What is BA multimedia Arts? ›

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts (AB MMA) is a four-year degree program designed to equip students with knowledge and skills in multimedia design and development. The program covers core skills in communications, programming, graphic design, combined with digital media and the internet.

What is multimedia college? ›

A multimedia and animation degree prepares you for a career to create animation, visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other media.

What is the salary after BMM? ›

The salary of B.M.M. graduates range from 2 lacs to 7 lacs per year. A fresher with a B.M.M. degree may get an average annual salary package of 2 -2.4 lacs but the salary is increased with the experience.

Is multimedia arts a good career? ›

Multimedia arts is indeed an in-demand field and highly competitive industry. Many have already been rising to prominence for their out-of-this-world skills and undeniable talent when it comes to producing multimedia art. If you desire to become one of them, taking a multimedia art course would be a great start.

How many years is multimedia arts course? ›

The Bachelor of Multimedia Arts Program is a four-year trimestral course which aims to equip the students with the knowledge and skills in multimedia design and development.

What is a multimedia artist job like? ›

Multimedia artists and animators typically do the following: Use computer programs and illustrations to create graphics and animation. Work with a team of animators and artists to create a movie, game, or visual effect. Research upcoming projects to help create realistic designs or animations.

Is multimedia Arts a course? ›

Multimedia Arts involves subjects related to video editing, animation, motion design, and graphic design. You'll be learning these as you progress through the entire course.

How many courses are in multimedia? ›

Courses Available
Name of CourseDuration of Course
B.Sc in Multimedia Production and Technology3 Years
B.Sc in Multimedia Animation3 Years
B.A in 3D Animation and Visual Effects3 Years
B.A in Digital Filmmaking and Animation3 Years
2 more rows

Which is better BA or BSc? ›

Depending on an individual's learning interest and course of study, a BA degree often provides a more expansive pathway, while a BSc degree provides better options for students looking to work in specialized professions.

Is multi media in demand? ›

Multimedia design is a competitive career field. The BLS employment statistics show the demand for artists and related workers, including multimedia artists, will increase by 16% between the years of 2020 and 2030, which is as fast as average for all occupations.

What is the difference between BA multimedia and BSc multimedia? ›

There is no such difference in both ug degree courses. It may vary from college to college, but is more beneficial to do as it offers you better career opportunities.

Can we do animation after BA? ›

Students who have pursued BFA are also eligible to pursue a career as an animator, by taking up certification courses in Animation after graduation. BA Animation and Multimedia, BSc Animation, BDes Animation, Diploma in 2D/3D Animation, Diploma in Animation, and film making are some of the popular animation courses.

What you mean by multimedia? ›

Multimedia is the use of a computer to present and combine text, graphics, audio, and video with links and tools that let the user navigate, interact, create, and communicate.

What are the 10 examples of multimedia? ›

Multimedia Examples
  • Using Timelinejs for a timeline-driven piece. While not a video-driven piece, this is a great tool for visualizing a timeline, and putting it onto a webpage. ...
  • Screencapture. ...
  • Screencast. ...
  • Animate still photos. ...
  • Ken Burns effect. ...
  • Timelapse. ...
  • Animation. ...
  • Interview someone.

What is the advantages of multimedia? ›

Comparison Table for Advantages and Disadvantages of Multimedia
Highly flexibleRequires huge investments
Multimedia can be a great way to reach out to your audienceLimited interaction
Saves time and costsMisuse of Multimedia
Improves personal CommunicationInformation overload
More appealing over traditional work
4 more rows
Mar 12, 2022

What is role of multimedia in education? ›

Multimedia learning and teaching: concepts and resources. Multimedia or digital learning resources assist learners to get on well with mental representations with the use of different media elements, which support information processing.

What is multimedia specialist? ›

Multimedia specialists create computer animation, audio, video and graphic image files for multimedia applications. These applications can include presentations, games, motion pictures, CD-ROMs, information kiosks and the web.

What are the types of multimedia? ›

There are five core categories of multimedia that can be used as part of your multimedia system.
  • Text. This seems so obvious that many people forget about it. ...
  • Audio. In many multimedia systems, audio provides a crucial link between text and images. ...
  • Video. ...
  • Animation.
Jan 16, 2017

What is the power of multimedia? ›

The power of multimedia lies in the fact that it is multi-sensory, stimulating the many senses of the audience. It is also interactive, enabling the end users of the application to control the content and flow of information.

How is multimedia used in business? ›

Multimedia, such as mobile marketing, livecasting and podcasting, photo, video and file sharing, can spread the word about your company and help build brand awareness in a very unique and powerful way. This particular type of social media also has the ability to go viral quickly.

Is multimedia arts difficult? ›

Multimedia Arts calls for diligence, patience, and hard manual labor. It is not a course that requires you to think much, but requires more execution. In hindsight, Multimedia Arts in DLS-CSB is a good 'crash course ' in everything multimedia, like a sampler of sorts.

Who is a multimedia artist? ›

Multimedia artists are creative professionals who use technological tools to draft effective and aesthetically pleasing designs that are incorporated into electronic media. They may work in a variety of media industries, including television, film, motion pictures, video games, internet publishing and more.

Why did you choose multimedia? ›

Exciting and creative professional field

Multimedia is an exciting career option where you can put your passion for art to daily use. Employers these days, need someone who has knowledge about graphics and designing. Being a multimedia expert you can actually help influence everything.

What is multimedia design? ›

Multimedia Design: Multimedia designers synthesize different media sources such as images, animation, sound, text and data to create a complete and integrated media product, whether it be a CD-ROM, a website or even an interactive kiosk.

What is the difference between graphic design and multimedia? ›

Multimedia art typically involves animation and motion graphics, such as those used for web, Power Point, and flash presentations. Graphic designers, however, tend to produce work geared towards print, such as designs for agency ads, packaging, and informational design for static or still work.

What is salary of BMS? ›

BBA vs BBM vs BMS: Differences
Average Course Fee (approx)Rs. 2 – 5 lakhsRs. 1 – 5 lakhs
Average Starting Salary (approx)Rs. 3 – 7 LPARs. 3 – 5 LPA
7 more rows
Jun 22, 2021

Which course is best after 12th Arts? ›

Career Options After 12th Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)
  • Integrated Law course (B.A + L.L.B.)
  • Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (B.J.M.)
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design (B.F.D.)
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (B.H.M.)

What is better BA or BMM? ›

BA or BMM both are good courses and as you have done 12th in Arts then it is good to do BA but i think BMM is good course it has many scopes and after that you will get good job. In this modern world media plays an important role so it is best to do BMM and after that you can do masters in mass media also.

Is multimedia a good degree? ›

Is a Multimedia Degree Worth It? Yes, a multimedia degree is worth it for many students. Skilled media artists might find rich veins of work in video production as well as website design for businesses and organizations across all sectors.

Is multimedia arts a good course? ›

Multimedia arts is indeed an in-demand field and highly competitive industry. Many have already been rising to prominence for their out-of-this-world skills and undeniable talent when it comes to producing multimedia art. If you desire to become one of them, taking a multimedia art course would be a great start.

What is the qualification for multimedia? ›

Diploma in Multimedia: Course Highlights
Course LevelUnder Graduate
Duration of Course1 to 2 years
EligibilityPass in class 12th in any stream
Admission ProcessEntrance Exam/First Come First Serve
Annual Course FeeINR 42,000 – INR 1,25,000
3 more rows
Apr 4, 2022

How multimedia is used in business? ›

Business applications in multimedia are presentation, training, marketing, advertising, product demos, catalogues, networked communication and voicemail. The presentation is very useful in many aspects of work and life.

Is multi media in demand? ›

Multimedia design is a competitive career field. The BLS employment statistics show the demand for artists and related workers, including multimedia artists, will increase by 16% between the years of 2020 and 2030, which is as fast as average for all occupations.

What does multimedia arts course do? ›

Multimedia arts refers to the art of producing visual images, text, animation, sounds, and videos/films. Multimedia arts cover digital content such as brand logos, brochures, infographics, website design, podcasts, videos, audio-visual presentations, animations, and films.


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