Best Haze Machines (August 2022) – Buyer’s Guide (2022)

Best Haze Machines (August 2022) – Buyer’s Guide (1)Haze machines are a great way to create an atmosphere or set a mood for an event. Oftentimes these machines are considered to be smoke machines, but the main difference that you should note between the two is that the haze machine utilizes a fan to disperse the vaporized liquid with a fan to give it a less intrusive effect.

They are most commonly used at special music performances, theatrical performances, churches, and dance parties, but they can also be used to create ambiance during Halloween. The level of haze that a machine produces can vary, but typically, the haze is a subtle effect that you can only see through lighting effects.
This guide is designed to help you find a haze machine that fits your needs. We will compare 10 different haze machines as well as take a look at some of the things that you may want to know about before making a purchase.

NameOutput (cu.ft/min)Warm-up time (minutes)Weight (lbs)Dimensions (Inches)
Reel EFX DF-50 (Editor’s Choice)No warm up period required3515 x 8 x 14 CheckPrice
MARQ Haze 800 DMX
(Editor’s Choice)
2,500213.212.2 × 7.2 × 10.9 CheckPrice
MARQ Haze 7001,40021111.8 × 5.8 × 11.5 CheckPrice
Antari Z-350 3,000417.616 x 10 x 18 CheckPrice
Blizzard Lighting AtmosFear Tour HZ8,000629.87.4 x 15.6 x 9.9 CheckPrice
CHAUVET DJ Hurricane Haze 1D70018.412.5 x 10.5 x 9.8 CheckPrice
Look Solutions Unique 2.1>212119.118.5 x 9.8 x 9.8 CheckPrice
Martin Professional Jem Compact Hazer Pro134,000118.821 x 8.9 x 11 CheckPrice
HazeBase Base Hazer Pro>212139.759.4 x 54 x 18.5 CheckPrice
CHAUVET DJ Hurricane Haze 2D1,200518.711.2 x 10.5 x 13.7 CheckPrice

1. Reel EFX DF-50 DMX Diffusion Hazer – Best Haze Machine for Atmospheric Effects

Best Haze Machines (August 2022) – Buyer’s Guide (2)The DF-50 is a device that creates haze with very little fluid. In fact, this unit only utilizes two ounces of fog fluid per hour, which means that it will take at least 35 hours of continuous use for the machine to use two liters of the haze fluid. This low amount of fluid being used means that more money is saved in the long run.

This haze diffuser is designed with a triple filtration system that breaks down the haze fluid to a mist that is completely safe to breathe. In fact, the mineral oil blend is broken down into odorless droplets that are only about the size of a single micron that meets all of the standards set by OSHA.

This is a haze machine that does not use heat. Of course, this means that there is no warm-up time, but it also means that it could be more difficult to get the fog to rise above the ground for your effects. Though, this could be a benefit for those who are looking for ground effects.

If you are looking to enhance your show with professional looking effects, then the Reel EFX DF-50 DMX Diffusion Hazer is a great option to consider. It is great for ground effects and creating an all around atmosphere.


  • Great filtration system.
  • No warm-up time.
  • It utilizes very little fluid per hour.
  • 5 Year Warranty.


  • Expensive.

2. MARQ Haze 800 DMX – Best Programmable Haze Machine

Best Haze Machines (August 2022) – Buyer’s Guide (3)The MARQ Haze 800 is a haze machine that is compatible with DMX control, which means that if you are doing a large production, you will have plenty of customizability that you can utilize. If you are using this feature, the channel information can be found on the back of the device.

This device comes with a remote that can be wired directly into the hazer. With the remote, you can set a timer where you can determine the amount of output, the duration, and the length of the interval. You can also set the remote to a continuous or a manual setting.

The tank is a bit on the small side, so you will only get about four hours of continuous use before it needs to be refilled.

This is a great option for a DJ that wants to control the amount of fog that is released into the air. It is ideal for house parties, but it will work outdoors as well.


  • It fills a room with haze quickly.
  • Compatible with DMX.
  • The remote function gives you a lot of versatility.


  • It takes a bit of time to warm-up.
  • The output fan is a bit on the small side.
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3. MARQ Haze 700 – Best Haze Machine for Parties

Best Haze Machines (August 2022) – Buyer’s Guide (4)The MARQ Haze 700 is a water-based haze machine that is designed to be easy to clean. It only takes two minutes to clear the unit of any fluid that is left over and about the same amount of time to wipe down the exterior to remove any dust or residue that has accumulated. Never use harsh cleaning solutions because it can get into the haze the next time you use the machine.

There is a gauge on the back of the haze machine to help you keep track of the amount of haze fluid that is in the machine. Remember that this is a water-based fluid, so using other haze fluid in this unit will void the warranty.

The reservoir that holds the haze fluid is a bit small. In fact, it is only designed to accommodate four hours of continuous use. This may be fine for a party or a show, but if you are using it for a Halloween attraction, it may not be sufficient.

If you are a DJ that is looking for a hazer for house parties, then this is a good option. MARQ Haze 700 has a remote and the ability to control the amount of haze that fills the room.

4. Antari Z-350 – Best Fog/Haze Machine Combination (Fazer)

Best Haze Machines (August 2022) – Buyer’s Guide (5)The Antari Z-350 Water-Based Fazer is a unit that has a very low fog fluid consumption rate. In fact, a full tank, which holds about 1.3 liters of liquid, will last for more than seven hours of continuous use.

This unit is designed with an onboard DMX interface that allows you to use a smart remote to control the fog dispersion. When you connect to the device it will turn on and begin heating up, and when you disconnect, the machine will shut down and enter sleep mode until it comes back online.

When you first power on the machine, it takes about four minutes for it to warm-up, which can be excessive when you are trying to perform a show.

This is a great machine because it can produce both haze and fog without much effort. Being that it is a hazer, you get the effects of both of the machines in one device, but if you need the haze as soon as you get on stage, you will need to plan ahead a bit because of the warm-up time that it requires.


  • Automatic self-cleaning mode.
  • It is a very lightweight machine; making it easy to transport.
  • The air pump technology is extremely efficient.


  • It requires a significant warm-up time.
  • Externally, it is not an attractive haze machine.

5. Blizzard Lighting AtmosFEAR® Tour HZ – Best Haze Machine for Outdoors

Best Haze Machines (August 2022) – Buyer’s Guide (6)This is a 1,000-watt machine, so you can use the device in any sized venue. You can dial back the amount of haze used in smaller venues and pump it up when you are performing in a larger space. In addition, it can continuously produce haze for the duration of your gig.

There is a control panel on the back of the device where you can set a timer, adjust the haze output, and the speed with ease. There is also a DMX controller that you can utilize for more customizability.

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The warm-up time on this machine can require up to six minutes of time. Typically, it does not take this long, but you may need to prepare ahead to accommodate this.

This is a great haze machine for anyone who is in a band. It can accommodate any sized venue, it is versatile, and can be adjusted to run continuously. In fact, the fan speed can also be adjusted.


  • It is designed with a low fluid automatic shutoff feature.
  • The device is great for indoor and outdoor uses.
  • Two-year warranty.


  • It has a bit of a warm-up time.
  • The unit is a bit on the heavy side.

6. CHAUVET DJ Hurricane Haze 1D – Best Value Haze Machine

Best Haze Machines (August 2022) – Buyer’s Guide (7)The CHAUVET DJ Hurricane Haze 1D has a safety function that helps to ensure that you never run out of fog fluid. Whenever the level reaches a certain point, the machine will automatically turn off.

This is a very versatile unit. You can adjust the fan speed and the haze output, and if you find that you want more control, the device is DMX compatible.

The fan does not start as quickly as the haze release, which results in a puff of fog that hovers around the machine for the first few seconds after you power it on.

If you are looking to create an unforgettable light show, then this is a great haze machine for the job. It is an inexpensive device that gives you a lot of control. It is lightweight, it heats up quickly, and it even comes with mounting hardware.


  • It is sold at a very affordable price.
  • This unit only requires a one-minute warm-up.
  • This device does not consume fluid quickly.


  • The fan is on a delayed start.
  • Because of the delayed fan, timers for dispersion are inaccurate.

7. Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazer – The Haze Machine with the Best Control

Best Haze Machines (August 2022) – Buyer’s Guide (8)The Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazer is designed to consume very little haze fluid during its runtime. In fact, a two-liter canister is designed to last for 50 hours of continuous use.

The pump and the fan in this machine can be dampened, which means that the noise output is on the low side when it is compared to similar haze machines.

At full power, the haze from this machine can be a bit too much for a smaller room, so you will have to make the necessary adjustments for the space.

If you are looking for a haze machine that has a lot of versatility, then this machine can create anything from a thin haze to a thick mist. It is a great haze machine for light shows and musical performances.

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  • It only requires 60 seconds to warm-up.
  • It is a very quiet unit.
  • The internal fans are powerful.


  • It requires 1,500 watts to function.
  • There is not a remote for stand-alone functionality.

8. Martin Professional Jem Compact Hazer Pro – Best Water-Based Hazer

Best Haze Machines (August 2022) – Buyer’s Guide (9)The Martin Professional Jem Compact Hazer Pro is designed with a unique shutoff button that is designed to clean the system when it is turned off. This helps to prevent clogging from occurring within the unit.

Since this model utilizes a water-based haze fluid, it has a very long hang time that helps make the haze seem denser. In addition, a 2.5-liter container will last for 70 hours of continuous use.

The DMX functionality only comes with a five pin option, so if you have the three pin variation, you may want to choose a different haze machine.

This is a great haze machine that can continuously produce a fine haze. The haze can be adjusted in five percent increments to fit your needs, which makes it a great, quiet machine for theatrical productions.


  • Shutting down the machine starts an automatic cleaning mode.
  • The control panel is user-friendly.
  • It only takes one minute to warm-up.

9. HazeBase Base Hazer Pro – The Haze Machine with the Best Continuous Timer

Best Haze Machines (August 2022) – Buyer’s Guide (10)The fog fluid is available in five-liter containers that promise continuous output from the device for a period of up to 135 hours, which makes this one of the longest performing haze machines on this list.

The machine is designed with a variable output function, which means that you can create a fine mist or a thick haze in any venue with ease. The best part is that it only takes a minute to warm-up.

Though this is a great haze machine, it is sold at a relatively high price point, which makes it a difficult purchase for many musicians who are just starting out.

If you have the extra money to spend on a haze machine, then this is a great option. It has a small footprint, variable speed settings, and it can fill any sized venue with the haze density that you desire. If your band is not well established, then there are cheaper machines that will be better for your current needs.


  • It does not consume a lot of haze fluid.
  • The warm-up time is only 60 seconds.
  • It has a very quiet operation.
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  • It is an expensive model.

10. CHAUVET DJ Hurricane Haze 2D – Best Haze Machine for Theatrical Performances

Best Haze Machines (August 2022) – Buyer’s Guide (11)The CHAUVET Hurricane Haze 2D has a unique fog fluid tank that turns red when the machine is powered on so that you can easily see the level of the fluid that is remaining. This light will turn blue when it is ready to produce haze. There is also an indicator to help inform you when the fluid level is low.

The control panel on the back of the unit is user-friendly. Here, you can control the output, the fan speed, and set up the DMX settings. You can also utilize the timer on the included remote.

The haze is a bit subtle for most DJ applications because it is not dramatic enough for the atmosphere.

This is a great haze machine for theatrical performances because it offers a subtle amount of haze that you can control for scenes where you want just a little bit of fog on stage. This hazer even has a silent operation.


  • It is a lightweight haze machine that is capable of continuous output.
  • It is a very quiet device.
  • It is perfect for creating a thin layer of haze.


  • It takes a full five minutes to warm-up before it can produce haze.
  • A small amount of condensation will be noticed after use.

Best Haze Machines – Buyer’s Guide

When you are purchasing a haze machine, the first thing that you need to take into consideration is the wattage of the device. Typically, they range from about 400 watts to 1,000 watts and the larger the unit, the more fog it will be able to produce. With that in mind, you will need to take your stage into consideration.

Best Haze Machines (August 2022) – Buyer’s Guide (12)Will you need to create a lot of haze for a large space or will it be a small effect that you are trying to create? Don’t underestimate how much haze you need because that will drain more power in the long run. Here is a breakdown of the different wattage options available:

  • 400-watt units will create about 1,500 cubic feet of haze a minute, which makes it ideal for a smaller room.
  • 700-watt units produce more than double that amount of haze each minute. At 3,500 cubic feet, this is ideal for large rooms.
  • 1,000-watt haze machines produce 4,500 cubic feet of haze each minute, which makes it ideal for outdoor events.

What are other important features to consider?

Haze Fluid
No matter which haze machine you chose to purchase, you are going to need to use haze fluid to create the effect. The manufacturer will typically recommend a specific haze fluid to use with each machine because they are designed to be compatible. Never allow the machine to run out of juice because doing so could cause damage to the haze machine.

Haze machines are designed to create a smoky effect on beams of light, but there are pumps and internal aspects of the machine that can make quite a bit of noise. If you purchase a loud machine, it can disrupt a scene in a play or ruin the feel of your haunted attraction. To avoid this, you may need to consider a more expensive device.

You are not always going to be right with the haze machine, so some of them have timers that you can set to make sure that the scene is set for when you are away.

With timers you can:

  • Set it to disperse a bit of haze every few seconds or once every 10 minutes if you prefer.
  • Set the amount of haze that you want to be dispersed as well as the amount of time that you want the effect to continue.

It is typically recommended that a haze machine is cleaned after 40 hours of continuous use, so to make sure that everything runs smoothly, you need to make sure that you know how to clean the machine properly. In most cases, this means adding cleaning solution to the device and turning it on for a short period of time to clean out its inner workings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Haze Machines (August 2022) – Buyer’s Guide (13)Q: What is the difference between a fog machine and a haze machine?
A: A fog machine basically vaporizes fluid to create thick clouds of fog, while a haze machine creates a less intrusive version of the same effect, which means that you see a hazy effect across the stage.

The main difference is that the effect created from a haze machine is blown out of the machine using a fan. There are also fazers, which is basically a two in one device that is capable of creating both a thin haze effect and a thicker fog.

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Q: How much haze fluid will I need for a four-hour event?
A: Well, The amount of fluid that you need for that amount of time will depend greatly on the density of the haze that you are creating. That being said, on average, a machine will use a quart of fluid every four hours, so for a period of eight hours make sure to have at least two quarts available.

Q: Are timers and remotes worth purchasing with a haze machine?
A: They are not required accessories, but they make operating a haze machine a lot simpler. You will not always have the time to manually press the button, so using a timer makes sure that the production goes on uninterrupted.

Final Thoughts

Having a haze machine is a unique experience that can make your parties, dances, concerts, and Halloween attractions so much more exciting. There are a number of haze machines available to you, but you need to look for one that accommodates your venue. These machines can be used for an endless amount of entertainment, so find one that works for you and put your creativity to the test.


What is the difference between a haze machine and a fog machine? ›

Fog is used as a special effect, whereas haze is used for lighting/atmosphere enhancement. Whether created by nature or machine, fog consists of liquid droplets suspended in the air. Fog machines create fog by vaporizing fog fluid – that is, they convert the fog fluid from a liquid form to an aerosol form.

Can you use fog juice in a haze machine? ›

Fog fluid can be used in a haze machine, however, fog fluid does have a thicker consistency than haze fluid which increases the risk of clogging the haze machine. Fluid that has sat in an unsealed container for an extended period can coagulate slightly and should be avoided as it can cause clogs.

What is haze machine used for? ›

Haze machines, also called haze generators or hazers, produce atmospheric effects (haze) which tend to be less dense than that of fog machines, allowing them to be used in creating more subtle looks. Depending on a venue's or location's ventilation, this haze can stay in the air for hours.

Do haze machines leave residue? ›

In certain environments, fog/haze fluid-based machines may leave a slippery residue on floors and surfaces. If the fluid sensor falsely detects an empty fluid tank and the tank does contain fluid, then there may be an air bubble in the fluid line.

How long does haze in a can last? ›

One can will fill a normal room 15 times (20-second sprays), 5 minutes total. Long lasting (1-2 hrs), "one can lasts all night." A great alternative to haze, steam, or fog!

Can you put water in a haze machine? ›

You'll need a small 6-ounce container to make enough juice to fill your bottle. The other ingredient is distilled water, which is also available at drug stores. You don't want to use tap water or mineral water because both contain impurities that will clog up the fogging machine.

Can you put bubbles in a fog machine? ›

Fobbles - Fog and Bubble Machine Review. FOG Inside of BUBBLES!

How long does fog machine fluid last? ›

How long your fog juice will last depends on the wattage of your machine. One quart of fog juice will generally burn for six hours in a 400-watt compact fog machine (four hours in a low lying machine) and a 1,000-watt machine will burn for two hours.

Can you put ice in fog machine? ›

The best way to do this is to cool the fog down by having it travel through ice. As we discussed earlier, some fog machines, such as mine, have a small ice compartment to facilitate this. Also, having denser fog juice is important for low-lying fog (but not absolutely required).

How do I make my fog machine fog stay low? ›

QuickTip: Turn Smoke Into Low-Lying Fog for Your Next Shoot - YouTube

Is fog juice safe to breathe? ›

If you over-heat the fog fluid, you will create unhealthy byproducts. If you under-heat the fog fluid, you will create fog fluid residue. The first is not safe to breathe, and the second creates a slip hazard.

Is there a difference between haze fluid and fog fluid? ›

What's The Difference Between Fog and Haze Machines? - YouTube

Do fog machines set off smoke alarms? ›

A - Possibly. Because many venues use smoke detectors that measure the density of particles in the air, fog effects (especially dense fog effects) can "fool" the detectors and trigger a fire alarm.

Does haze affect your voice? ›

Essentially the answer is 'no'. It will not hurt throat or voice unless exposed to at high levels on a regular basis (ie. nightly and very thick).

Is haze smoke or fog? ›

Fog occurs only when the air is at or very near saturation, meaning the relative humidity is at or near 100 percent. Haze consists of tiny particles of smoke, dust, salt or other matter that might be in the air, and not necessarily at ground level. Fog is easily distinguished from haze.

What can I use to clean a fog machine? ›

After returning home, prepare a solution of 50% distilled water and 50% clear vinegar. Empty your fog machine of all fog fluid (throw it away). Fill the tank with the solution of 50/50 water/vinegar. Power up your fogger in a well ventilated area, let it heat up, and fog as usual.

Can of mist for photography? ›

Atmosphere Aerosol gives photographers and filmmakers an affordable, safe and convenient way to add haze or fog to a shoot without needing power or carrying heavy equipment. Create visually stunning rays of light on the go. One 8 oz. can easily fits in your camera bag and is a photographic accessory.

Can you add essential oils to fog machine? ›

Concentrated Scent Additive

By simply adding one half ounce of scent to a gallon of fluid, you can distribute any one of our 58 scents throughout your venue through fog, haze, or even snow! This fluid is 100% non-toxic and safe to add to any water based fog, haze, bubble, or snow machine.

How do you make fog juice thicker? ›

Step 1: Make your "fog juice" by mixing a solution of one part glycerin to three parts distilled water. The "fog" is created when the solution is heated to the point of evaporation. The process leaves an accumulation of dense vapor, which becomes cloudy when it hits room-temperature air.

What is Haze fluid made of? ›

Haze fluids are typically either water-soluble glycols or highly refined oils. The safe level for oil is different than that for glycols, but is still much higher than the amount typically used for haze effects.

How do you make foggy bubbles? ›

DIY Dry Ice Fun Fog Bubbles | Mister C - YouTube

How do you make smoke bubbles? ›

Advanced Techniques - Cocktail Smoke Bubbles - YouTube

How do you use a bubble fogger? ›

Plug the (A) Bubble Fogger Machine into an outlet, toggle the (Q) Power Switch behind the machine to the "I" position. The (D) Status Indicator will turn red after the machine up for heats 2-4 minutes. Then toggle the (L) Function Switch under the (B) Skull Lid to "I" to activate the fog bubbles.

How often should you clean a fog machine? ›

We recommend cleaning your machine after every 80‐100 hours of use and prior to any long term storage.  Once it has cooled, pour all residual fluid out of the fluid tank into a catch bottle. (No need to waste perfectly good fog fluid.)

How long does a fog machine take to warm up? ›

Typically, fog machines take about 5 minutes to warm up, and you'll need to use the manual button to start making fog. Most machines also come with a ready light that automatically turns off when the machine has warmed up.

Is a fog machine safe indoors? ›

Can You Use a Fog Machine in the House? Yes, you can use a fog machine inside the house. However, the fog will cover everything in your house and your carpet might trap some of it. So, there's a chance the fogging machine might damage your carpet.

Is fog machine fog flammable? ›

Not flammable under normal conditions of use. Stable under normal conditions.

Is haze and fog the same? ›

INTRODUCTION. Fog and haze are both weather phenomena of obstruction to vision. Fog is composed of a large number of tiny water droplets or ice crystals that suspended in near-surface air. Haze is a large number of tiny dry dust particles floating uniformly in the air[1-4].

What's the difference between smoke and haze? ›

When it comes to weather terms, the difference between smoke and haze is largely a matter of degree. “Haze is essentially just pollution or smoke that is not as concentrated. When we put smoke in the forecast, it's usually more concentrated,” said Charles Smith, a National Weather Service meteorologist.


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