Sydney Wedding Photographer - How Much Does It Cost on Average? (2023)

What does a Sydney wedding photographer or wedding report cost per hour. As per wedding report and as a percentage of your total wedding? And what is cheap or expensive for a wedding report? Once you have seen the price list or quote of a wedding photographer. You will of course wonder whether your costs for a wedding photographer are high or low. Even though there is no 1 on 1 relationship between price and quality of a wedding photographer. In practice there appears to be some connection with the costs of a wedding shoot. Of course this does not mean that you cannot still be 'lucky' and become very happy with a wedding shoot of a cheaper photographer.

After months of planning and years of dreaming, the wedding day flies by in an instant. That’s why photographers are one of the most important vendors—they capture every moment so you can hold onto the memories for a lifetime.

Wedding photographs are the one thing you walk away with from your big day. Brides and grooms are going through the motions of the day, but think of all the candid moments they miss. Those are the moments that make up their wedding, and that’s why wedding photography is such an important investment.”

Reasons For The Prices of Sydney Wedding Photographer

The price of a photographer, of course, depends on dozens of factors including:

  • Experience of the wedding photographer
  • How many hours is the wedding photographer present?
  • How many hours does the wedding photographer make available for post-production?
  • Do you get the wedding reportage in a photo album / canvas or only digital?
  • Popularity of the wedding photographer
  • Has the wedding photographer won awards with his or her wedding reportage?
  • Does the wedding photographer work 'black'. It's a friendship service for an expense allowance or does the photographer pay VAT?
  • Does the photographer incur a lot of travel expenses?

Additional Costs For A Wedding Photographer

Remember that the Sydney wedding photographer not only has costs for his camera and peripherals. But also for his website, post-processing, photo books, VAT and training. He also makes many hours (think of introductory talks) for which he cannot bill.

Still, we can give a few guidelines about the costs you can expect when booking a wedding shoot. But with these three indications you will at least get a first idea of what a photographer costs. Attention! We always start from a professional wedding photographer who has made wedding photography his work and does it full time.

How Much Does A Sydney Wedding Photographer Cost Per Hour?

You can estimate what a photographer costs. By looking at the costs a wedding photographer charges per hour. On average, professional wedding photographers charge around $ 150 per hour. On the low side: less than $ 100 per hour. On the high side: more than €200 per hour. Novice wedding photographers often charge less than their very experienced colleagues. In the profile of each wedding photographer you can read how many weddings he or she has already photographed. You can also see whether the wedding photographer has completed professional training. Or has ever won a prize with his/her work.

Of course there are also very experienced professional wedding photographers who charge a very reasonable rate. And vice versa hobby photographers who charge as much as a professional. The best thing is to look at many photos of different photographers yourself and develop a feeling for what you like! Hiring a photographer you don't like is a bad idea regardless of the price!

It is also important to note that some photographers charge an hourly rate. That includes everything, such as editing the photos, travel expenses, a standard album, an assistant or the risk of running out and VAT. Other photographers - with a lower hourly rate - then seem to be cheaper. But charge for all 'extras', so in the end they are not or not much cheaper! Read an article here to understand what costs a photographer's quote made up of.

Least Number of Hours For A Wedding Reportage

The minimum cost of a wedding photographer also depends, as mentioned above. Whether the photographer works with aleastm number of hours that you obliged to take. For example, you can't book a photographer for 2 hours. Only for capturing your ceremony and reception. On the one hand, photographers believe that you need more time to make a good wedding report. So a photo shoot of 2 hours usually robs the wedding photographer of the opportunity to earn more money on that day.

If the photographer is paid to take photos from 12 to 2 in the afternoon and he still has to travel back and forth. He will most likely not be able to do a second photo shoot. That's why many wedding photographers start with a minimum of for example 4 hours. Because otherwise the wedding shoot 'costs' them too much money in the sense of lost opportunities to make more money with a longer wedding shoot. Especially if you are getting married on a summer. There will be photographers who only want to shoot a "full" wedding (8 hours or more).

Package Price Wedding Photography

Some photographers charge a higher hourly rate or a package price for the first 6 or 8 hours. You can then add 'extra' hours for your bridal report for a lower amount. The discount is to keep the wedding report affordable for the client indicates that the photographer will not be able to do other paid assignments that day anyway and will, therefore, be satisfied with a lower rate if he can invoice extra hours.

What Are The Total Costs for The Wedding Reporting?

Another way to look at the cost of a wedding report is the total amount you lost to the wedding photographer. Most wedding reports cost between $ 750 and $ 1,500. Of course, there are always people who pay $250 or $3,000. But usually, you have either a photography student who comes by for 4 hours a 'friend of a friend'. A photographer who has won awards and who is there for day and dew until midnight. Edits all the photos and delivers a high-quality photo album.

How Much Does Sydney Wedding Photographer Cost Per Part of Your Wedding?

Depending on which parts your wedding has and you would like to have a photographer present. You can use the list below to make a first estimate of the total costs you will have to pay. For a professional wedding photographer.

  • Price preparation: $ 250
  • Costs photo shoot - $ 250
  • Price ceremony - $ 250
  • Price reception - $ 250
  • Cost of photographing dinner - $ 250
  • Price party - $ 250
  • Rate photo album(s) - from $ 250, but the costs can be up to a many

The actual costs of the wedding reportage depend on the duration of each moment and a possible package discount. Especially photo albums can be quite expensive, especially if you also want to give all (in-laws) parents and witnesses a photo book(s), your costs can quickly increase.

What Does A Wedding Photographer Cost As a Percentage of The Total Cost of A Wedding?

You can also see what a wedding photographer costs as a percentage of your total budget. If you look at your total budget for your wedding. You have to take into account that you spend about 10% of your total budget on professional wedding photography. This usually goes for weddings between $ 5,000 and $ 20,000. The average wedding costs $15,000. If your wedding budget is high or low you may of course lose a higher or lower percentage.

10% may seem like a high percentage, but keep in mind that your wedding photos are one of the few investments. That you can remember for a long time. The wedding dress will soon cost $ 1500 - $,500, but will never wear you after that. While you can watch the photos of your wedding report every day or see them hanging on the wall. If you have a nice photo printed on canvas!

What's Included in a Wedding Photographer’s Pricing?

Under this $4,250 investment, Millay offers 10 to 12 hours of wedding day coverage with a second shooter, an online gallery with digital downloads, and an engagement photo session. It also includes travel within about four hours and photo editing. Millay’s $4,250 is just the base level for coverage. She charges $200 per additional hour of wedding day coverage. Add-ons like albums and prints, which Millay offers a la carte, vary from $300 to $1,200 depending on the couple’s selection. She caps her pricing for prints because she doesn’t want to price clients out of the products that matter most.

“When you pull out old photos, you’re not looking at the quality. You’re looking at the memory,” she said. “Sadly, if prints are $75 or more per photo, people just aren’t going to print them. That’s why I try to keep them reasonable.” Another extra her clients have been interested in recently is rehearsal dinner coverage. This is priced at $400. “I encourage this as much as I can,” she said. “It’s great to meet the family beforehand so everyone’s comfortable with me and knows me on the wedding day.”

Videography is not included in most wedding photographers’ packages. Typically photographers and videographers are separate vendors from different companies, although some husband-and-wife teams offer both. A wedding videographer is slightly less than a photographer; for 10 hours of coverage and a five-minute highlight film, you’ll likely pay between $1,000 to $5,000, and in some cases more.

When Should You Hire Your Sydney Wedding Photographer?

Sooner is always better when it comes to booking your wedding photographer, especially when you have a specific vendor in mind. If you’re planning to use your engagement photos for your save the date. Book your photographer at least 10 months or more in advance. (Save-the-dates go out four to eight months before your wedding.) The longer you wait, the more likely your favorite photographers are to be booked up, Millay says.

How Can You Find The Right Photographer?

Wedding photography is a significant investment. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly vet photographers before signing on the dotted line. But how do you find trustworthy wedding vendor reviews? For starters, ask around. “I find most of my work is referral based, either from past couples or fellow vendor. “Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors for their recommendations. They won’t recommend someone they don’t know, trust, and like working with.”

Should you negotiate?

You can try to negotiate with your wedding photographer, but most prices are set in stone. Photographers offer scaled packages at different price points to meet clients where they are and to take the negotiation out of it. Packages factor in fees like editing software, gear, licenses, insurance, and other business items brides and grooms don’t see. For photographers, negotiating could lead to hardly breaking even, or even losing money. Some photographers are willing to work with couples’ budgets on rare occasions, though. Millay says if the bride or groom has been dreaming of working with her but can’t afford her, she’s willing to hear them out. Just know this is the exception, not the norm.

How much should you tip?

Not all brides and grooms tip their wedding photographers, but if you decide to, $50 to $150 is a good range. I would say around 50 percent of people tip their vendors. “Of course, tips aren’t required, but they’re always appreciated.”

What is the typical payment schedule?

Payment schedules vary, but most photographers choose a two or three-payment system. The first payment is the deposit, which is typically due along with the signed contract. This deposit secures your date. With a two-payment schedule, the second payment — the rest of the agreed-upon fee - is due before the wedding. In a three-payment schedule, photographers split that last payment. And require clients to pay after the wedding when all images are finished and ready for delivery.

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