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Fans of Shark Week just devoured their 2022 installment from July 24-30, hosted by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and full of celebrity guests. The human race knows more about outer space than their own oceans, which is why sea monsters are such easy villains to use in movies -- it's also why Shark Week continues to fascinate yet thrill viewers. Sea monsters play on that fear of the unknown, that somewhere deep with the blue and black waters of the ocean is something lurking, waiting to strike.

Movies have had plenty of sea monsters as antagonists dating all the way back to the 1950s, with movies such as The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms. Some are scarier than others, ranging from mutated animals to unknown creatures that rise from the depths to feed on humans.


10 Octalus - Deep Rising (1998)

The 10 Scariest Movie Sea Monsters, Ranked | ScreenRant | Films News Feed (1)

As a whole, Deep Rising goes for a more action-packed horror movie with some comedic elements. The monster attacking the ship itself is where all the horror lies. It first appears to be a swarm of eel-like monsters, but it turns out that they all connect to the same monster known as the Octalus.

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It can use its tentacles to see as well as devour its prey. On top of that, the tentacles can each operate to digest their victims as well, as shown when the survivors cut open a tentacle to reveal a partially digested human.

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9 Genetically Altered Makos- Deep Blue Sea (1999)

The 10 Scariest Movie Sea Monsters, Ranked | ScreenRant | Films News Feed (2)

There are a lot of shark movies out there andDeep Blue Seais pure nightmare fuel. But they aren't just sharks,they're highly intelligent creatures due to genetic modification and they are executing an act of revenge and escape plan.

Two are26 feet long makos that stalk the flooded corridors of an underwater facility to purposefully kill the humans. The third is a 40-foot-long shark and the leader of the bunch, trying to escape into the ocean. These are sharks that can think and plot which, combined with their ferocity, means they aren't animals,but thinking monsters with agendas.

8 Asian Pacific Crocodile- Lake Placid (1999)

The 10 Scariest Movie Sea Monsters, Ranked | ScreenRant | Films News Feed (3)

This is a 30-foot-long Asian Pacific Crocodile that somehow swam into a saltwater lake in Maine and became absurdly territorial, picking off anything that gets in its way. This creature from Lake Placid is to crocodile and alligatormovies what Jawsis for sharks, making audiences afraid to go into the water.

Similar to that shark, this crocodile is not shown often, and usually through quick flashes and shadows, but each kill is gruesome and effectively handled. But unlike the shark in Jaws, this monster is able to come onto land and be just as deadly. Even when it's visible, it still brings the chills thanks to the creature effects by Stan Winston.

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7 Gill-Man - Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)

The 10 Scariest Movie Sea Monsters, Ranked | ScreenRant | Films News Feed (4)

(Video) Sea Beast | FULL MOVIE | 2008 | Monster, Action, Horror

This titular creature would go on to become one of the classic Universal monsters, alongside Dracula, The Mummy, and The Invisible Man. It was one of the first of its kind, able to bring horror from below by filming the monster under the water as it stalks the human characters.

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The monster suit itself holds up rather well; in certain shots, the Gill-Man is still a terrifying monster, especially when he's in the water. It's why the monster is still tributed in many films, shows, and even comics.

6 The Kraken - Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

The 10 Scariest Movie Sea Monsters, Ranked | ScreenRant | Films News Feed (5)

The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies are adventures for the whole family but they gladly embraced darker elements with the many iconic monsters that the heroes have to fight. One of the most famous is the tentacled terror of the Kraken, Davy Jones' personal pet that can bring down the most giant ships in seconds.

Whenever the Kraken attacks in Dead Man's Chest, it is treated as a genuine sea monster, as it decimates any ship and slaughters crew members with its tentacles. It's also so massive that the audience can never quite tell what the full beast looks like other than the tentacles and its massive maw of teeth.

5 Gwoemul - The Host (2006)

The 10 Scariest Movie Sea Monsters, Ranked | ScreenRant | Films News Feed (6)

Similar to Shin Godzilla, Gwoemul is the result of mutation from man's poor decisions. It is a fish that mutated to have legs and on a killing spree in South Korea. Already on its own, it is a deadly creature that kills and captures innocent civilians for food.

On top of that, the Gwoemul from The Host is also the source of a new and lethal virus strain. So even when this monster is not killing people directly, it's still causing a plague that kills hundreds.

4 Depladon - DeepStar Six (1989)

The 10 Scariest Movie Sea Monsters, Ranked | ScreenRant | Films News Feed (7)

(Video) The End of Bendy and The Dark Revival! Shipahoy Wilson Boss Battle + No Exit Escape Chapter 5 Part 6

In the late '80s and early '90s, there were a lot of attempts to capitalize on the success of The Abyss with underwater horror. One of the more famous attempts was DeepStar Six, which introduced audiences to the Depladon, a massive crustacean unearthed by undersea explorers. Where most sea monsters are designed to be more fish-like or akin to sharks, the crustacean design was unique for the time.


It acts similar to the Xenomorph fromAlien by delivering plenty of gory kills and going back into hiding, waiting to strike. It seems to have an impeccable camouflaging ability since it can hide even in a small flooded room, as long as it's underwater. As a result, any time it appears, it's always a surprise and manages to be the highlight of DeepStar Six.

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3 Clover - Cloverfield (2008)

The 10 Scariest Movie Sea Monsters, Ranked | ScreenRant | Films News Feed (8)

This monster is a looming threat throughout Cloverfield, one of the most famous found footage movies, but only has a few minutes of screentime. Most of the movie focuses on characters and how they deal with the destruction that the monster causes to New York City. That doesn't stop this strange sea monster from leaving an impression because not only is it difficult to describe but there is no explanation for it.

All that is ever hinted at is something falling from the sky to land in the ocean. Did this object create the monster or awaken it? It's up to the viewer. What is confirmed is that it is seemingly indestructible and Clover is only an infant. Accompanying the massive kaiju are small insect-like parasites that can kill in one bite. Viewers can't help but imagine what a whole family of Clovers could do to the world.

2 Cthulhu - Underwater (2020)

Smaller creatures that stalk humans on the ocean floor are scary enough, but Underwater has a startling twist. The creatures are all connected to a much bigger threat, which turns out to be none other than Cthulhu from H.P. Lovecraft's lore. What begins as a sci-fi horror under the sea in the same vein as Ridley Scott's Alienturns out to have some mystical undertones.

With just a few minutes on-screen, Cthulhu's presence brings a sense of malice that turns things from survival horror to a fight for planet Earth, as it's shown that Cthulhu was about to escape to the surface before being stopped by Kristen Stewart's Norah. Nothing about the god-like creature's history or Lovecraft's lore is explored, but that lack of understanding helps make Cthulhu even creepier.

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1 Bruce - Jaws (1975)

The 10 Scariest Movie Sea Monsters, Ranked | ScreenRant | Films News Feed (10)

It can be argued that the shark from Jaws is simply an animal, but Bruce is shown throughout to be far from a normal shark. Most sharks are actually docile and attack humans due to a case of mistaken identity. But Bruce attacks any chance he gets and not just to feed either since shark digestion is really slow.

Both Matt Hooper and Quint comment on how they've never encountered a shark that acted like this. Bruce even endured three air barrels and still managed to submerge. After that, he brought down an entire fishing boat, reducing the heroes to their worst state. He may not be some mutant or kaiju, but Bruce is definitely a monster in Jaws.

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The 10 Scariest Movie Sea Monsters, Ranked View Story


What is the No 1 horror movie in the world? ›

1. The Exorcist (1973)

What exactly is the sea monster in the story? ›

Sea monsters are beings from folklore believed to dwell in the sea and often imagined to be of immense size. Marine monsters can take many forms, including sea dragons, sea serpents, or tentacled beasts. They can be slimy and scaly and are often pictured threatening ships or spouting jets of water.

What movie has the scariest monster? ›

The Scariest Movie Monsters, Ranked
  • 7/7 The Bear - Annihilation.
  • 6/7 Death Angels - A Quiet Place.
  • 5/7 The Entity - It Follows.
  • 4/7 The Babadook - The Babadook.
  • 3/7 The Alien - The Thing.
  • 2/7 Xenomorph - Alien.
  • 1/7 Pennywise - It.
14 Sept 2022

What is the ugliest sea monster? ›

The blobfish was named the "world's ugliest animal" in an online poll.

Who is the god of the sea of monsters? ›

KETO (Ceto) was the goddess of the dangers of the sea and, more specifically, of sea-monsters, whales and large sharks (all called ketea in Greek).

What is the top 5 scariest movie in the world? ›

The List: Top 5 Horror Movies Of All-Time, As Ranked By Experts
  • The Exorcist (1973) ...
  • Halloween (1978) ...
  • Paranormal Activity (2007) ...
  • The Shining (1980) ...
  • It Follows (2014)
31 Oct 2022

What's the top 5 scariest movie on Netflix? ›

The Best Horror Movies on Netflix
  • #8. Cam (2018) 93% 53% #8. ...
  • #7. Sweetheart (2019) 93% 50% #7. ...
  • #6. Pan's Labyrinth (2006) 95% 91% #6. ...
  • #5. The Old Ways (2021) 95% 47% #5. ...
  • #4. Jaws (1975) 97% 90% #4. ...
  • #3. Under the Shadow (2016) 99% 73% #3. ...
  • #2. Creep 2 (2017) 100% 72% #2. ...
  • #1. His House (2020) 100% 74% #1.

What is the scariest true horror movie? ›

Best scary movies based on true stories
  1. Zodiac (2007) Film. ...
  2. The Amityville Horror (1979) ...
  3. The Conjuring (2013) ...
  4. Poltergeist (1982) ...
  5. Compliance (2012) ...
  6. 10 Rillington Place (1971) ...
  7. Open Water (2003) ...
  8. Snowtown (2011)
4 Oct 2022

Who is the powerful sea monster? ›

The strongest sea monster is often described as the Leviathan due to its age and immense size. It is also the root of most sea monster legends. This gives it the prestige that other monsters don't have.

How big is the Kraken? ›

Bishop Erik Pontoppidan describes the Kraken as the world's largest animal (a circumference of 2.5km) in his work, The natural history of Norway(1752; 1752-1753).

What does the Kraken look like? ›

Whereas the kraken was described by Egede as having "many Heads and a Number of Claws", the creature is also depicted to have spikes or horns, at least in illustrations of creatures which commentators have conjectured to be krakens.

Who is the biggest monster of all time? ›

At his biggest, King Ghidorah came in at 500 feet tall, making him the largest monster on this list.

Who is the most famous movie monster? ›

66 Greatest Movie Monsters
  1. Nosferatu. Movie: Nosferatu (1922) ...
  2. The Thing. Movie: The Thing (1982) ...
  3. Alien queen. Movie: Aliens (1986) ...
  4. Dracula. Movie: Dracula (1931) ...
  5. Medusa. Movie: Clash of the Titans (1981) ...
  6. Pinhead. Movie: Hellraiser (1987) ...
  7. Frankenstein. Movie: Frankenstein (1931) ...
  8. Gill-man.
8 Oct 2022

What was the first horror movie monster? ›

The first feature-length films to include what are regarded as monsters were often classed as horror or science fiction films. The 1915 German silent film The Golem, directed by Paul Wegener, is one of the earliest examples of film to include a creature.

What is the most legendary sea monster? ›

More than likely due to its very old origins, the Leviathan is pretty much the root of most sea creature myths. Therefore, the Leviathan easily takes home the title for the oldest and most fearsome of sea creatures.

What is the fastest sea monster? ›

Blue to gray in color and reaching up to 10 feet (3.05 meters) in length and 220 pounds (99.8 kilograms) in weight, the sailfish is considered the fastest marine creature.

Who defeated the sea monster? ›

Modern adaptations have Perseus defeat the sea-monster by showing it the decapitated head of Medusa.

Who was the first sea monster? ›

Giant ichthyosaur gobbled its companions with killer teeth

Researchers have announced the discovery of the first sea monster (artist's impression above)—an 8.6-meter-long reptile with a massive skull (inset) and sharp teeth that lived 244 million years ago.

What sea is god? ›

Poseidon, in ancient Greek religion, god of the sea (and of water generally), earthquakes, and horses.

What is the #1 scariest movie on Netflix? ›

  1. Raw. Year: 2016. Director: Julia Ducournou. ...
  2. His House. Year: 2020. Director: Remi Weekes. ...
  3. The Haunting of Hill House. Year: 2018. Director: Mike Flanagan. ...
  4. Midnight Mass. Year: 2021. Director: Mike Flanagan. ...
  5. It Follows. Year: 2015. ...
  6. Creep. Year: 2014. ...
  7. I'm Thinking of Ending Things. Year: 2020. ...
  8. Crimson Peak. Year: 2015.
2 Nov 2022

Who is the most evil horror movie killer? ›

Though there are many to choose from, here is the list of the strongest horror movie villains in cinema history.
  1. Death (Final Destination)
  2. Pennywise the Dancing Clown (It) ...
  3. Pazuzu (The Exorcist) ...
  4. Deadites (The Evil Dead) ...
  5. The Thing (The Thing) ...
  6. Mister Babadook (The Babadook) ...
  7. Pinhead (Hellraiser) ...
11 Oct 2022

Who is the most brutal horror movie killer? ›

#1 JASON VOORHEES (Friday the 13th: Part 2, 1981)

Jason Voorhees is the number one scariest killer on this list. Jason has the highest body count in slasher history with about 157 kills across his movie career.

What are the 10 best horror movies on Netflix? ›

Got it!
  • Till Death. Netflix.
  • Unfriended. Neflix.
  • Creep. Netflix.
  • The Babysitter. Netflix.
  • It. Netflix.
  • Fear Street. Netflix.
  • Hush. Netflix.
  • The Ritual. Netflix.
29 Oct 2022

What is the most traumatizing horror movie? ›

The Best Disturbing Horror Movies
  • The Exorcist (1973) ...
  • Faces of Death (1978) ...
  • Funny Games (1997) ...
  • Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989) Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989) ...
  • Oldboy (2003) Oldboy (2003) ...
  • High Tension (2003) High Tension (2003) ...
  • Men Behind the Sun (1988) Men Behind the Sun (1988) ...
  • Ichi the Killer (2001) Ichi the Killer (2001)

Who is the scariest horror person? ›

Freddy Krueger (65%), Hannibal Lecter (60%), Michael Myers (60%) and Chucky (54%) are the horror villains most Americans find scary.

Are horror movies real or fake? ›

Horror films have produced some of the most iconic figures in pop culture. But not all scary movies are completely fictional — some are actually based on real life. For example, "The Conjuring" was based on the real life Perron family.

What is the scariest horror story ever written? ›

8 of the Scariest Horror Books Ever Written
  • The Shining by Stephen King. ...
  • Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. ...
  • Dracula by Bram Stoker. ...
  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. ...
  • The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty. ...
  • Carrie by Stephen King. ...
  • The Omen by David Seltzer. ...
  • Pet Sematary by Stephen King.
22 Mar 2022

What is the smallest sea monster? ›

Irukandji jellyfish

At just 0.06 cubic inches, the Irukandji are unique for more than just their size. While most sea jellies have stingers (or nematocysts) only on their tentacles, the Irukandji have stingers on their bell as well.

What is the biggest sea creature? ›

The Antarctic blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus ssp. Intermedia) is the biggest animal on the planet, weighing up to 400,000 pounds (approximately 33 elephants) and reaching up to 98 feet in length.

What is the weirdest sea monster? ›

The Ocean's Weirdest Creatures!
  • Leafy Sea Dragon. Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Australia. ...
  • Christmas Tree Worm. ...
  • Anglerfish. ...
  • Northern Stargazer. ...
  • Red Handfish. ...
  • Wobbegong.

What God is kraken? ›

Basic Story: In the modern "Clash of the Titans" movie, the Kraken is a Titanic-era monster which is under the control of the great god Zeus, who can summon the Kraken or order the release of the Kraken; this scene from the movie was used in the promotional trailers and ads and "Release the Kraken!" briefly became a ...

Do giant squid exist? ›

Giant squids (Architeuthis dux) are one of the largest invertebrates and are actually one of the largest animals on earth. Period. With a maximum length of 13m for males and 10m for females, giant squids are longer than the Southern Ocean's colossal squids (which do get a bit heavier - but we don't fat shame here).

Is there only 1 kraken? ›

There's just the one global kraken—Architeuthis dux, the one-and-only original. What's more, the population seems to have very little structure—in other words, squids that hail from nearby waters aren't going to be genetically closer than distant individuals.

What did Kraken eat? ›

And Scylla also finds her way into the kraken myth, for she too was tentacled, snatching Odysseus' men and eating them alive. The kraken, though, is happy to make do just eating fish.

Is Kraken a shark? ›

Kraken is a hybrid cephalopod-shark. Its big mouth is surrounded by fierce tentacles that will get enemies into a lot of trouble. Kraken will change colours when detecting the presence of enemy sharks.

Who is the Kraken's mother? ›

Not much is known about the Old Mother's history, but myths and legends provided by Sudds in the Stars of a Thief Tall Tale as well as the Athena's Fortune novel suggest that she ruled the waves well before the arrival of the Ancients. She is the mother of all Krakens, living and dead, and once terrorized the Merfolk.

How tall is the tallest monster? ›

As verified by data provided by Capcom, the elder dragon is 257.64 metres tall (845.27 feet) and is so large that it doubles as a location to visit in the game.

Who is the best giant monster? ›

For this list, we'll be taking a look at the most iconic and memorable giant monsters ever to grace the silver screen.
  • #8: Indominus Rex. ...
  • #7: Troll. ...
  • #6: Giant Squid. ...
  • #5: The Kraken. ...
  • #4: The Kaiju. "Pacific Rim" (2013) ...
  • #3: Clover. "Cloverfield" (2008) ...
  • #2: King Kong. "King Kong" (1933) ...
  • #1: Godzilla. "Godzilla" (1954)

What is a giant monster called? ›

The term kaiju can also refer to the giant monsters themselves, which are usually depicted attacking major cities and battling either the military or other monsters. The kaiju genre is a subgenre of tokusatsu (特撮, "special filming") entertainment.

Is there anything bigger than Godzilla? ›

Besides being taller than Godzilla, Surtur is mightier than Thor, with powers of telekinesis, immortality, and the manipulation of the Eternal Flame and cosmic energy.

What is the name of the most famous lake monster in the world? ›

The most famous example is the Loch Ness Monster. Depictions of lake monsters are often similar to those of sea monsters.

What are some of the most popular monsters? ›

Top 5 Popular Monsters and Their Origins
  • Vampires. Vampires are typically attributed to Romania. ...
  • Zombies. The myth of zombies comes from real-life Haitian practices. ...
  • Werewolves. ...
  • Witches. ...
  • Frankenstein's Monster.

Who invented horror? ›

Though the film industry began in the early 1800s, the horror genre officially got its start with Georges Méliès in the 1890s.

What is the oldest monster story? ›

The sphinx myth lived from before 2500 BC, when the Great Sphinx was built, to the 9th century, when the last pagans of Greece lived. At more than 3300 years, this makes it by far the oldest monster myth on this list!

What is the only horror film to win an Oscar? ›

The psychological horror, The Silence of the Lambs, made history when it became the first, and only, horror film to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

What is the greatest sea monster? ›

The mythical kraken may be the largest sea monster ever imagined. Some stories described it as more than 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) around with arms as large as ship's masts.

What is the strongest mythical sea monster? ›

The strongest sea monster is often described as the Leviathan due to its age and immense size. It is also the root of most sea monster legends.

What is the scariest fish ever? ›

The white shark (Carcharodon carcharias), which is also called great white shark or white pointer, may be the fish that needs no introduction, because it is one of the most powerful and potentially dangerous predatory sharks in the world.

Which sea monster is bigger than blue whale? ›

But now, a newly discovered ichthyosaur could give this normal-looking reptile a claim to fame as the largest animal that ever existed. If size estimates are accurate, this creature could have measured up to 26 meters (85 feet) long — for comparison, blue whales top out around 25 meters (82 feet).

What sea monster is extinct? ›

Tylosaurus is the first extinct creepy sea animal on the list. It was an enormous marine reptile and a mosasaur. It was one of the largest mosasaurs to ever exist, measuring over 45 feet long. During the Cretaceous period, Tylosaurus was an apex predator and deadly hunter.

Which sea monster has 12 feet 6 heads? ›

The Story of Scylla and Charybdis

Scylla was a supernatural female creature, with 12 feet and six heads on long snaky necks, each head having a triple row of sharklike teeth, while her loins were girdled by the heads of baying dogs.

How big is the kraken? ›

Bishop Erik Pontoppidan describes the Kraken as the world's largest animal (a circumference of 2.5km) in his work, The natural history of Norway(1752; 1752-1753).

What is the name of the giant sea monster? ›

The kraken (/ˈkrɑːkən/) is a legendary sea monster of enormous size said to appear off the coasts of Norway.

Which fish kills most humans? ›

Of the estimated 1,200 venomous fish species on Earth, the stonefish is the most lethal – with enough toxin to kill an adult human in under an hour.

Do piranhas eat sharks? ›

Sharks have the size and speed advantage over piranhas.
Think You Can?
Predatory Behavior– Often scavenges rather than hunters – Opportunistic predators that find prey food and eat it – Omnivorous fish– Both an opportunistic and ambush predator that often strikes from below an enemy
4 more rows
28 Apr 2022

What fish has the most kills? ›

Although the great white shark, tiger sharks, and bull sharks have far more recorded attacks on humans, the oceanic whitetip is generally believed to have killed the most people.


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