Tulum Nightlife • A Complete Guide [2023 March Update] (2023)

One of the last cities created by the Mayans, Tulum is a delight for any traveler. There are several places to see in this city and gain experiences that are an integral part of the city. It has one of the best beaches in Mexico where you can sunbathe all day. Moreover, the wide array of restaurants and hotels will make your stay in this city memorable. But what about Tulum’s nightlife? There are plenty of things you can do at night in Tulum. You will get plenty of options when it comes to finding bars in Tulum. The partying atmosphere is laid-back and fun. If you have money to spend, here are some nightlife hangout spots in Tulum that you can visit!

Best bars in Tulum

The night-out spots in Tulum are a breath of fresh air. Most of these places require no cover charges nor a dress code. If you want to visit bars in Tulum without the pretentiousness, here are some places you can look into:

  1. Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar

Started as a humble joint, the ‘Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar’ is one of the most prominent bars in Tulum. Unlike other hipster joints, it is located in Tulum Centro and not along the Caribbean coastline. When you visit this place, you will see a lot of locals hanging out at the bar. The décor is a bit quirky. Strange antique objects such as a vintage car are used to decorate the place. There is an outdoor seating arrangement as well. One of the main reasons why this place is popular is because of its mojito. Moreover, they have the best Carib rum in town. Whether you want a classic drink or something new and creative, this place will let you experience it all at an affordable rate.

  1. Nômade

The vibe of Nômade is chill and relaxed. It might not be the hottest place in town, but you will not be disappointed by it. Most of the yoga heads in Tulum tend to visit this joint. As the name suggests, the place has a hippy vibe to it. You will be able to get healthy and organic food and strike up a conversation about yoga with other customers. But that doesn’t mean that there is no alcohol available! The cocktails at this joint are unique. The mixologists add various kinds of herbs to give their twist to a classic drink. If you want a killer view of the Caribbean Sea, this is the place you should be!

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  1. Akiin Beach Club

This is a reasonably priced beach club where you can party without going broke. The ambiance of this place is incredibly welcoming. The club mainly serves Mexican delicacies. If you want a quiet place where you can enjoy yourself with your friends, this is the right place for you.

  1. Kin Toh

Want to eat delicacies from the Mayan-Mexican cuisine? Look no further as Kin Toh specializes in serving you this unique blend of both cuisines. It is quite different from most of the beach bars in Tulum. When it comes to the décor, this bar has taken a lot of inspiration from the Mayan Culture. Twisted stalks and thatched reeds are used to create a small treehouse on the beach’s white sands. You can choose over 200 labels on their wine list. It is a perfect place to spend time with your loved one.

  1. Casa Jaguar

If you like tacos, you have got to visit Casa Jaguar. This place uses the best organic ingredients to dish out some of the finest Mexican dishes. It has an outdoor seating arrangement where you get to dine. When you are finished with your food, you can head over to the cocktail bar. The bar is called ‘Todos Santos’. The décor has a mystique vibe to it as the bar is decorated with vines and Mayan sculptures. Casa Jaguar hosts regular DJ nights. If you are lucky, you will be able to attend a few of the live music events as well. All in all, it is more of an intimate setting and is not a huge club.

  1. Curandero

If you are environmentally conscious, you will love ‘Curandero.’ This bar’s décor is made up of recycled products. The owners believe in reducing the amount of waste produced by humans. Their ethical business approach is why a lot of tourists prefer this joint over others. But it is not all serious business. You can have tons of fun at Curandero. The music played here is eclectic. From funk to jazz – you will be able to witness DJ nights at this place every day from 7 pm onwards.


  1. Diablito

Diablito serves a fusion of Mexican and Japanese cuisine. The servers at this place are extremely polite. If you like to enjoy a quiet drink at a bar, this is the place you should be. The DJ plays House music without making it loud enough to interrupt conversations. Moreover, the drinks are affordable and potent. This an ideal spot for spending a relaxed evening in Tulum.

  1. Tantra Tulum

Tantra Tulum is a popular joint where you can enjoy drinks late at night. The parties held at this place are extremely lively, and the energy is infectious. Well-behaved staff and extravagant décor make this a hotspot for tourists. Moreover, after 6 pm, you will not have to pay an entry fee. There is a beachside cabana as well as a private pool. If you want to lie back and enjoy a drag of hookah, this is the place to be.

Trying Mexican craft beer

Mexican craft beer or Cerveza artisanal is a hit amongst the locals of Tulum. If you want to visit this city, you need to try it out at least once. Instead of partying, you can visit certain pubs to get the best Mexican craft beer available. Apart from restaurants and bars, several micro-breweries sell Mexican craft beer as well. One of the best places to get craft beer is Hermana Republica. You can get about eight kinds of craft beer at this place. Apart from the beer, you can get traditional Mexican delicacies as well. You can also get craft beer at Los Aguachiles and Safari restaurants. These eateries brew a special kind of craft beer which is known as ‘Cerveza Pescadores. At Mateos, you can get ‘Cerveza Mundo Maya’.

Best nightclubs of Tulum

Tulum might look like a small place, but there are tons of options for nightclubs. You can enjoy bottle and VIP services if you are ready to spend a lot of money. After grabbing a late dinner, here are some of the best nightclubs in Tulum where you can dance as much as you want to:

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  1. Habana Café

Away from the pubs and restaurants in Tulum, you will be able to find Habana Café. There is an open bar where you can find a lot of options for alcoholic beverages. There is always a crowd at Habana Café. One of the major reasons for it is the music played by this party spot. The DJs tend to focus more on Salsa and Latin Pop. If you want a smoke, you can head over to the roof deck. The crow is extremely friendly at this place. There are mostly tourists at this spot, and it is an ideal place to party freely in Tulum.

  1. Zamna Tulum

If you want to party like there is no tomorrow, look no further. Zamna Tulum is then the right place for you to let your hair down. You will find this joint down 307 roads and is located in the middle of the Yucatan Forests. The venue is huge and covers an area of about 11 hectares in total. Regular dance festivals are hosted at Zamna Tulum. However, it may be a tad more expensive as the tickets are usually priced at around $80. But it is worth it. You will be able to witness EDM and techno acts by the DJs at this joint. World-famous DJs such as Damian Lazarus and Paul Kalkbrenner have played at this venue. This is a place for wild party lovers who want to party till the sun comes up.

  1. Papaya Playa

This beach club is quite famous for its full moonlight parties. Papaya Playa is a part of a beautiful boutique hotel. You can lie on their wooden decks and enjoy the view. Although the entry fee at this place is around $20 per person, it is worth it. Every full moon night, world-renowned DJs come and play the latest chart-toppers for the audience. You will always find this place full. The food available at Papaya Playa is a mixture of Mexican and European cuisine. Moreover, the menu also has a fine collection of cocktails. If you want to experience something fun and exciting, you have to visit this beach shack.

  1. La Zebra Hotel

If you visit Tulum with your family, you can attend the Salsa Parties at La Zebra Hotel. It is hosted every Sunday. If you do not know how to dance to Salsa tunes, don’t worry! You can get free dance lessons from 6.30-7.30 pm at La Zebra Hotel. After that, you can join the real party.

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Moreover, there is a live band to entertain you. The entry is free. They have their beach bar called ‘the Mulberry Project.’ You can get a wide range of selected cocktails at this joint.

When does the nightlife peak in Tulum?

There are several night-time party spots in Tulum. On a certain night of any week, each bar gets a chance to have its party. Even though all the bars are open throughout the night in Tulum, here is a more concise party schedule:

  1. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you can visit Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar.
  2. Located in the middle beach zones, you should visit Casa Jaguar on Thursdays.
  3. Fridays are reserved for the parties at Gitano.
  4. Papaya Playa Project hosts the best parties on Saturdays.
  5. La Zebra Hotel holds salsa night every Sunday.

Shopping areas at night in Tulum!

Tulum is an excellent place to shop. The prices are reasonable if you can pay the shopkeeper in Pesos. You will be charged more if you want to spend in dollars. There are a lot of independent shops as well as boutiques in the city. From clothes to home décor – you can shop as much as you want to. You can visit JOSA if you want to try out one-size dresses. Kahaal has a lot of options for home décor. If you want more gender-fluid options for apparel, you can head over to Calo.

Go swimming in the Caribbean Sea at night!

This might not be a convenient option but swimming in the Caribbean Sea is a fantastic experience. The best place for a swim at night is Paradise Beach. The water is crystal clear, and the ocean is usually calm. However, you need to be attentive to the beach flags. Do not go for a swim unless you see a flag there. Different colors give out different messages. Black flags ask you to avoid swimming in those waters. If there is a red flag, it can be dangerous to swim there. Hence, you need to be careful. Yellow flags indicate no immediate danger but yet ask you to swim with great caution. It is always a safe option to choose a beach with a green flag on it. It indicates that the waters are safe to swim in.

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Tulum is a beautiful holiday destination for travelers all over the globe. It is a place where the past meets the present. You can plan a lot of things during the daytime in Tulum. From exploring the Mayan Ruins to visiting the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve – there will never be a shortage of options. Similarly, you will never run out of things to do at night in Tulum. From parties to club-hopping – there is a lot that can be done at night. What are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Tulum today!


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